Best CBD Kief Joints For Sale

CBD Kief Blunts For Sale

For maximum potency, No Cap Hemp Co CBD kief blunts are the way to go! Kief is an enhanced way to get concentrated CBD. Packed with top shelf hemp flower and rolled in premium kief amazingness! With No Cap Hemp Co CBD kief blunts, you can get more potency easily and effectively.

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  • Delta 8 THC Kief Pre-rolls

    Our handcrafted Kief joints Are made using our best exotic indoor flower Delta 8 strains. We carefully paint on delta eight distillate to cover the whole joint and then carefully roll it multiple times in our special dry ice extracted Kief. For the best smoke you’ll ever have. That’s No Cap!

    Tropicana Cookies The fruity/citrus notes of this bold sativa strain make it an instant Florida favorite. Tangy hints of orange perfectly balance the sweet and earthy undertone of cookies.

    Durban Diesel The perfect blend for daytime use, if you are looking for a true energizing/uplifting sativa you are in the right place. Sweet and pungent, this strain is the perfect boost for your mood and creativity.

    Green Dream With notes of mango and citrus, this mix pairs the invigorating mental buzz that makes Green Crack such a popular strain with the full-body relaxation effect of Blue Dream.



CBD kief is a concentrated form of the female hemp plant. It is not psychoactive, just more concentrated than CBD alone. It is created by removing the resin, crystals and fuzzy coating from the trichomes which form on the bud. It ends up looking like powder, but is actually tiny pieces of sticky, crystallized resins.


Our CBD kief blunts are rolled organic hemp cones but it doesn’t stop there. First, the blunts are packed with top-shelf greenhouse grown flower and infused with terpene-rich CBD distillate. Then they are rolled in premium quality CBG and CBD flower kief goodness for quality CBD joint smoking.